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Mobile Apps Development

We specialise in developing creative and interactive apps for iOS & Android. We build apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our team specialises in native as well as hybrid apps.

We deliver end to end solutions for mobile and web applications including designing, prototyping, and development of apps. We offer system designing, API server development, third party API integrations, back-office application, CMS, scalable deployment, maintenance, and tech support.

Our team provides amazing technical support and training for your organisation. We work as an extended IT team of your organisation.

Bespoke Web Applications

We only build secure, reliable and scalable web applications.

At Tech Chaps we work with both Agencies and directly with Businesses. If you are looking for usable, reliable, and scalable web application then look no further. Our web application development agency can help deliver that for you!

We specialise in client portals for high traffic with rich innovative user interfaces. Over years we have developed many types of web apps. For details please visit the page or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Clients


Meet the Team

Ahmed Fareed Founder, Project Manager

Ahmed started Tech Chaps in 2015 to develop cutting edge software for cloud. He’s managed projects at Tech Chaps since 2015. 

His background is programming, developing microservices (AWS), managing servers, deployments, mobile apps publishing, team leadership, and project management for cloud-based business applications and SaaS products. 

He works closely with clients/product-owners to provide consultancy and plan product ideas; he is very knowledgeable and resourceful. 

He is an approachable and friendly tech chap (not jargon free though). 

Grab him for a chat and you would definitely leave with a solution and more clarity about your idea and its development. 


Ibrar Akhtar Senior Developer

Ibrar is an experienced back-end developer with years of experience in developing API servers for cloud platforms. 
He is great at system designs, algorithms, business logics, database designs and server-side software development using test-driven programming with the best coding practices. 
He also makes sure that all the code written by the team is top-notch, tested, maintainable and scalable. 


Alina AhmedSales Executive

Alina is a sales executive who understands the vitality of good communication between Tech Chaps and its clients. She strives to build good, long-lasting working relationships, thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and ensure that they are more than satisfied with the quality service or final product they receive. 

Oleksandr Alokhin Front-End Developer

Alex is an experienced front-end developer with 7+ years of experience in front-end development. 
He has been with Tech Chaps since the beginning of time (… of Tech Chaps). 
He is a guru in front-end development. He loves challenges and is a key member of our team. 


Huzaifa Rasheed Full-Stack Developer

Huzaifa is a front-end and back-end developer. Huzaifa develops intuitive and interactive web apps, mobile apps and PWAs (Progressive Web Applications). 
Huzaifa joined us in 2020 and brings life to the ideas, designs and prototypes. 


Asad Nabeel Designer

Asad is an experienced designer working with Tech Chaps since 2015 and he creates User Interfaces for web applications, databases, and mobile apps. 
He loves making us say WOW! with his creativity and attention to detail.   





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