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A sports social media and messaging app with teams management and events booking features.


Clubbie emerged as a groundbreaking solution catering to the vibrant world of amateur sports clubs. With its comprehensive suite of features ranging from social media management to team organization and event booking, Clubbie revolutionized how sports enthusiasts interact, organize, and engage within their local communities. Designed to empower amateur sports clubs, Clubbie provides a dynamic platform for clubs, teams, and players to connect, communicate, and coordinate seamlessly. From creating video and static social media posts to managing subscriptions and organizing events, Clubbie offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing the amateur sports experience. With a focus on user-centric design and intuitive functionality, Clubbie facilitates effortless team management, event planning, and communication. Whether it's strategizing formations on the field or sharing memorable moments through multimedia feeds, Clubbie elevates the amateur sports experience.

  • Type of Company: Startup

The Problem

Balancing features such as social media posting, event booking, team management, messaging, and formation planning demanded meticulous planning and execution. Ensuring seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces across these varied aspects was imperative to deliver a unified user experience. Moreover, catering to multiple user types - from application admins and club owners to team leaders and members - introduced intricate user role management and permission structures. Each user category required distinct functionalities and access levels, necessitating comprehensive design considerations to accommodate diverse user needs while maintaining platform coherence. Furthermore, implementing robust payment systems for clubs and teams to manage subscriptions and event fees posed a challenge. Integrating secure payment gateways and ensuring seamless transactions while adhering to financial regulations demanded meticulous attention to detail and rigorous testing protocols. Additionally, incorporating features such as video/image feeds, profile pages, and chat messaging required intricate UI/UX design to foster engagement and ease of use. Ensuring compatibility across web and mobile platforms added another layer of complexity to the development process.

  • Industry: Sports, Entertainment

Project Details

The Team

  • 1 IT Consultant
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Designer
  • 3 Developers
  • 1 DevOps
  • 1 QA Tester

Project Details


      • ReactJs
      • NodeJs
      • MySQL
      • AWS S3
      • AWS Transcoder

The Solution

Clubbie's development was driven by a keen understanding of the diverse needs inherent in managing amateur sports clubs. It was meticulously crafted to offer a holistic solution that addresses the intricacies of club management. At its core, Clubbie provides an intuitive platform for social media management, allowing clubs to effortlessly create and share engaging content that strengthens community engagement and fosters a sense of belonging among members. Moreover, Clubbie simplifies team organization by equipping team leaders with powerful tools to plan matches, strategize formations, and facilitate seamless communication among players. This streamlines the coordination process and enhances team performance on and off the field. The platform's event booking and management features further streamline the logistical challenges associated with organizing sporting activities. Clubs can easily schedule and manage events such as matches, tournaments, and training sessions, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing participation. In addition, Clubbie facilitates subscription management, empowering club members to conveniently manage their subscriptions and access relevant club content and services. This enhances member engagement and retention while simplifying administrative tasks for club administrators. By integrating a secure payment system, Clubbie simplifies financial transactions for clubs, allowing them to collect fees for subscriptions and events with ease. This ensures smooth and hassle-free payment processing while providing clubs with a reliable revenue stream. Furthermore, Clubbie's messaging features enable direct communication and group messaging among players, teams, and club members. This fosters collaboration, strengthens team cohesion, and enhances the overall sports experience for all involved.

The Solution

Main Features and Functionalities

Social Media Management

Creation and sharing of engaging social media posts. Integration with multimedia content such as images and videos. Branding with watermarking and Clubbie brand logo.

Messaging Features

Direct messaging and group messaging functionality. Enhanced communication among players, teams, and club members.

Event Booking and Management

Scheduling and management of matches, tournaments, and training sessions. Simplified logistics for event organization.

Subscription Management

Management of member subscriptions. Access control for club content and services.

Payment System Integration

Secure payment processing for subscriptions and event fees. Revenue tracking and management for clubs.

Video & Image Feed with Social Sharing

Multimedia feed for sharing club activities and updates. Social sharing options to increase engagement.

Profile Pages for Clubs, Teams, and Players

Customizable profiles for clubs, teams, and individual players. Showcase achievements, statistics, and team information.

Team Organization

Planning and coordination of matches and events. Formation planning for matches. Communication tools for team leaders and players.

Event Planning and Formations

Tools for planning and organizing events. Formation planning for matches to optimize team performance.

User Management

User registration and authentication. Role-based access control for administrators, club owners, team leaders, and members.


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