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3D Augmented Reality (AR) for showcasing products and properties including adjustable settings and a CMS.


INsitu™ wanted to change how businesses showcase their products through immersive 3D visualization. As a leading provider of 3D AR solutions, INsitu™ empowers businesses to attract, engage, and convince customers with interactive and realistic product experiences. TechChaps embarked on a transformative journey with INsitu™, tasked with Legacy Code Modernization (LCM) to modernize their codebase, enable further feature development, and ensure seamless deployment. INsitu™ sought robust solutions to enhance web application functionality and facilitate scalable deployment. At the core of INsitu™'s offerings are its innovative 3D product categories, allowing businesses to transform their product listings into interactive catalogues that captivate customers. The Product Builder feature further enhances user engagement by enabling customers to configure products effortlessly. Augmented Reality (AR) is leveraged to provide customers with a lifelike impression of products in their own environments, whether it's their home or garden. This immersive experience not only attracts attention but also drives conversions by giving customers a realistic preview of their potential purchases. Central to the platform is the user-friendly dashboard, offering businesses a streamlined interface for managing their 3D content. From uploading and organizing 3D assets to categorizing products into collections and generating shareable links, the dashboard serves as a central hub for content distribution.

  • Type of Company: SME

The Problem

The Challenge: Modernizing Legacy Code for Enhanced Functionality When INsitu™ approached TechChaps, they faced a pressing challenge: their existing legacy code posed significant limitations on development flexibility, and scalability. As an SME striving to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic 3D AR market, INsitu™ recognized the critical need to modernize their infrastructure to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

  • Industry: Real Estate, eCommerce

Project Details

The Team

  • 1 IT Consultant
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 3 Developers
  • 1 QA Tester

Project Details


      • NodeJs
      • AngularJs
      • ThreeJs
      • MongoDB
      • AWS S3

The Solution

The Solution: Transforming Legacy Code into a Modern Platform In response to the challenges posed by INsitu™'s outdated codebase, TechChaps devised a comprehensive solution aimed at modernizing their infrastructure. TechChaps undertook a significant overhaul of INsitu™'s development framework, introducing a more agile and adaptable architecture. By embracing modern development methodologies and equipping developers with cutting-edge tools and technologies, the platform was primed for rapid iteration and seamless feature deployment to meet evolving market demands and customer needs. Streamlining deployment processes was another key focus area. Automation of deployment pipelines and adoption of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices ensured that updates could be rolled out swiftly and securely. Leveraging cloud infrastructure further bolstered scalability and reliability, enabling INsitu™ to respond promptly to market trends and client feedback. Furthermore, TechChaps committed to providing ongoing technical support to INsitu™, ensuring that any issues arising from the modernization process were promptly addressed. This included offering comprehensive training and resources to empower INsitu™'s team in managing and maintaining the updated platform, as well as implementing proactive monitoring systems to detect and resolve potential issues before they impacted users. By transforming the legacy code into a modern and secure platform, TechChaps enabled INsitu™ to overcome previous limitations and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. The updated platform now boasts improved performance, and greater flexibility, positioning INsitu™ for success in the competitive landscape of 3D AR technology.

The Solution

Main Features and Functionalities

3D Visualization

Showcase products through interactive and immersive 3D experiences. Attract customers with interactive 3D product previews.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Provide realistic impressions of products in customers' homes or gardens. Enhance engagement and drive conversions through AR experiences.

Product Catalogues

Transform product listings into interactive 3D catalogues. Engage customers with customizable product experiences.

Product Builder

Allow customers to configure products using an intuitive interface. Enable customization options to meet individual preferences.


Personal account management and content distribution hub. Upload, organize, and distribute 3D content from one central location.


Integrate 3D assets with other systems and technologies. Leverage assets for enhanced functionality and ROI.

User Management

User registration and authentication. Role-based access control for administrators and users.

Scalable Deployment

Deploy updates and enhancements securely and efficiently. Utilize cloud infrastructure for scalable and reliable deployment.

“INsitu was expanding and approached TechChaps for assistance in developing new and existing software inline with our long term business goals & objectives. Ahmed carefully defined the corresponding business rules which the team encoded into business logic. Now, INsitu has a clear set of business concepts and corresponding functionality in the code. INsitu can collaborate more effectively with developers, and making changes to technology inline with customer requirements is much easier to manage. Furthermore, Ahmed and the Team have structured the code base to be more extendable and flexible, to adapt to INsitu’s requirements as we grow. They’ve modularised the architecture, into manageable, interconnected, microservices, that can be developed independently, as part of a continuous integration system. Therein, what TechChaps have built for INsitu is scalable. TechChap’s knowledge and experience of different technology, systems & tools is vast; And therefore, they were able to advise & implement the most effective technology stack for the INsitu software solution in the context of the wider business. Furthermore, Ahmed & the Team, have the know-how and technical design expertise to integrate systems together into scalable architecture & deliverables that have significantly improved INsitu’s bottom line.”
Edward Woolley
Development director of INsitu™

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