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Case Study


An e-Learning platform that delivers AI-driven real time feedback and speech recognition software to provide student's spanish speaking practice.


Talkietheapp approached us as a SAAS startup with a distinct product vision. They wanted to create an e-Learning platform accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, aimed at redefining Modern Foreign Language (MFL) education by fostering active speaking participation. Central to their concept was a sophisticated speech recognition software, designed to elevate language learning by empowering students to hone their speaking skills. With a primary target audience of schools and students, Talkietheapp required a robust platform equipped with diverse user access levels and comprehensive classroom administration functionalities. Initially focusing on delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) tailored for Spanish learners, Talkietheapp's ambition extended to enabling students to record speaking assignments and receive personalized verbal feedback from teachers. Following the success of the MVP, Talkiethapp now features real-time AI-driven feedback mechanisms, delivering instantaneous evaluations of student speaking proficiency alongside other enhancements.

  • Type of Company: SAAS Startup

The Problem

Integrating advanced speech recognition seamlessly was critical, demanding meticulous engineering to accurately interpret diverse accents and speech patterns. Furthermore, catering to the educational sector added complexity. The platform needed to facilitate language learning while providing educators with comprehensive administrative tools, all while maintaining user-friendly interfaces. In addition to the technological challenges, the complexity of database design added another layer of intricacy to the project. Developing a robust database structure capable of handling vast amounts of student data, speech recordings, and feedback records while ensuring optimal performance and scalability was challenging. The database needed to support seamless user interactions, efficient data storage, and rapid retrieval of information across various user access levels. Moreover, ensuring the integrity and security of the database was paramount, necessitating robust measures to safeguard sensitive student data and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Industry: Education

Project Details

The Team

  • 1 IT Consultant
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Designer
  • 2 Developers
  • 1 DevOps
  • 1 AI Engineer
  • 1 QA Tester

Project Details


      • NodeJs
      • VueJs
      • NestJs
      • MySQL
      • MongoDB
      • AWS Lambda
      • AWS S3
      • AWS EC2
      • Whisper

The Solution

We implemented advanced algorithms capable of accurately interpreting diverse accents and speech patterns. This was coupled with robust data integrity and security measures to safeguard sensitive student information within our MySQL and MongoDB databases. By incorporating encryption protocols and access controls, we ensured compliance with stringent data protection standards. To enhance user engagement and learning outcomes, we developed a range of features including quizzes, speaking exercises with teacher feedback, and topic selection functionalities. Leveraging Node.js and Vue.js, our team crafted an intuitive user interface allowing students to record responses, receive real-time AI-driven feedback, and access a variety of language-learning resources. Furthermore, our class management system empowered teachers to effortlessly create and manage classes, invite students, and administer quizzes. This was facilitated through AWS Lambda and AWS EC2, providing scalable and reliable infrastructure to support the platform's growth. Our services extended beyond mere development, encompassing IT consultation, brainstorming sessions to shape the MVP, and ongoing maintenance and deployment of the web and mobile applications. We designed the database architecture, proposed infrastructure solutions, and provided end-to-end support to bring Talkietheapp's vision to life.

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The Solution

Main Features and Functionalities

User Registration and Authentication

Allow users to sign up as new students or teachers, or log in as existing users.

Class Management

Empower teachers to create classes, invite students, and administer quizzes and assignments.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition technology to accurately transcribe and understand diverse accents and speech nuances.

Real-time AI Feedback

Provide instant feedback to students based on their responses using AI-driven algorithms.

Quizzes and Speaking Exercises

Enable students to participate in quizzes and speaking exercises, record responses, and receive feedback from teachers.

Topic Selection

Allow students to choose specific language topics for practice and learning.

Teacher Tools

Equip teachers with features to create quizzes, manage classes, and generate invitation links for students.

CSV Upload for Quizzes

Enable teachers to upload quizzes and assignments in bulk using CSV files.

User Management

Provide functionality for administrators to manage users, including registration, authentication, and user roles.


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