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Why should you choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) over traditional hosting?



In the world of web hosting and IT, Amazon Web Services (or AWS for short) has been a real game changer. Many huge and reputable corporations now use this as their web hosting solution. From Netflix to Kempinski Hotels, and even NASA! This elite customer base demonstrates not only how reliable and trusted AWS is, but the power it offers too.


    1. What is AWS?

      2. Why choose AWS? 4 key differences between AWS and traditional hosting…and their benefits


      Author: Ahmed Fareed

      IT Consultant

What is AWS?

In simple terms, Amazon Web Services is a virtual web hosting solution for organisations. As an official subsidiary of the Amazon brand launched in 2002, it offers an on-demand, cloud-based approach to hosting. AWS works through a paid subscription model that has a free-tier option available for the first year.

The cloud technology that is built into AWS gives users full access via the internet to a suite of virtual computers. These have all the usual attributes of standard computers. Such as pre-loaded application software and choices of operating systems amongst others. Users access their AWS system through an internet browser. This gives you the ability to configure your website and monitor your AWS account.

AWS technology is found at server farms throughout the world where an Amazon subsidiary company maintains and looks after the technology. Known as the world’s largest public cloud computing service, it really is in a field of its own in this sector.

Why choose AWS? 4 key differences between AWS and traditional hosting…and their benefits:

Now we have looked at what AWS is, you may well be thinking ‘Why choose AWS?’. This is a great question to ask and one that we hope the below points will answer for you:

1. It’s very cost effective
A cloud-based online accounting solution, this software is superb for stock management. If you run a retail business it can really help with keeping track of your inventory and cash-flow management. Using Xero will help greatly in streamlining your workflow and keeping an accurate record of your stock levels.

2. Scalability
One problem with traditional hosting is with being able to scale it up or down based on ad-hoc demand. The question of ‘Why choose AWS?’ can almost be answered on this basis alone. The massive amount of scalability AWS offers really gives it a big advantage over standard web hosting options. Not only is it easy to add-on more bandwidth if you are expecting more traffic on a certain day, you can also scale it back if you are having a quiet period too. This is all easily done with a few clicks of a button in your AWS console and means that AWS will always be on hand to react to the needs of your website, almost instantly!

3. Flexibility
If you are wondering about the benefits of AWS, the superb flexibility it offers is worth noting. With the option to select features such as which operating system you prefer, which programming language, and which web application platform to use, you have a lot of room to work just how you want to. The AWS set-up means that you can choose the particular software and services that you want to use. Not only does this mean AWS is fully configurable to your requirements, it also makes the migrating process simple for any existing applications. Another great bonus with AWS is the flexibility to build new solutions.

4. It's easy to use
When thinking about choosing AWS, how easy it is to use is a key point. Designed to be simple enough for anyone to use, it will make managing and maintaining your website a breeze. The AWS console that you work in is well laid out and easy on the eye. Naturally, some level of IT knowledge is required to operate it effectively. However, compared to traditional hosting layouts, it is a welcome step forward. The way AWS is built also allows application providers and vendors to securely and quickly host your applications. This is true whether it is an existing application or new SaaS-based one. All these combined means that you can rest safe in the knowledge that your website will always be protected when online and have rock-solid hosting power to rely on.

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