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How to Choose the Best Database Software for a Small Business



If you are involved with running a small business, the chances are you will need a way to store, protect and access any data you hold. Finding an effective and efficient way to do this will allow you to drive your business forward. Whilst also helping you to provide your customers with a better, more enjoyable experience. By far the best way to achieve this is with database software for your small business. But what exactly is database software?


    1. Database software Explained

      2. The three best database software management systems

        3. How to decide what kind of database software your business needs

          4. Creating a customised database application


          Author: Ahmed Fareed

          IT Consultant

Database software explained

Database software is used by small businesses to store and manage data relevant to their operations in an organised format. This could be stock management software to keep track of your inventory or customer relationship management software that allows for storage of customer details. Typically, most database software will have a simple, easy to use interface which will allow users to create, edit and manipulate the data within. The information can be accessed in its raw form although most database software will offer some kind of reporting facility. This helps businesses to view data in a more useful format for long-term strategy needs.

The three best database software management systems

Within this field, it is hard to say for sure which is the best database software for a small business. However, there are three systems that are really useful for a lot of small businesses out there. In our opinion, these are the best performing and most useful database management software on the market at the minute:

1. Xero– A cloud-based online accounting solution, this software is superb for stock management. If you run a retail business it can really help with keeping track of your inventory and cash-flow management. Using Xero will help greatly in streamlining your workflow and keeping an accurate record of your stock levels.

2. Salesforce – This database management software is fabulous for any customer relationship management needs your business has. It also uses the latest cloud-based technology to make it fast, safe and secure. Since bursting onto the scene in 1999, it has been used by many companies to connect with customers and improve their business processes.

3. Oracle– if you are looking for a one-stop database solution to meet a range of needs within your business, Oracle may be the best option for you. This is a fully integrated suite of online applications. It includes customer relationship management and supply chain management and is powerful and simple to use.

How to decide what kind of database software your business needs

As well as the three fine examples above, there are many other database software solutions out there to use. In truth, all have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s hard to recommend a single answer for the best database software for a small business. The most crucial aspect of choosing the best database software is to think about what you need it to do and what value you are expecting it to bring to your business. This will naturally involve going through a process of discovery within your teams. You will need to determine exactly what information needs organising and how it is best displayed. Once you have been through this process you will have a better understanding of which software does what you need it to. In the same way, you also have to pick the correct software for the industry you are involved in. If you run a motoring spare parts company, for example, stock management may be what you need. As opposed to an accountant that instead requires a customer relationship manager. By answering these questions before you choose which to use, you will save yourself time and money in making sure you get the correct solution.

Creating a customised database application

After you have gone through the above process of defining what information you need, it may become clear that the popular software options on the market can’t do exactly what you want. This is where a personalised, individual database application can help greatly in meeting your needs.

These customised applications are tailored to your particular requirements based on what is important for your business. Doing this offers huge advantages over off-the-shelf systems. Customised applications will operate and report information in the way you find extremely useful and beneficial.

At Tech Chaps, we build custom database applications to fulfil stock management, customer relationship management or sales. Contact us today with your requirements so our experienced team can build the perfect customised database for you.

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