For any smartphone user, “hybrid app” is a familiar name. Before we jump into our discussion about hybrid app development, let’s check out a few points. Do you know the percentage of global smartphone users? What are the major operating systems? What’s the difference between a hybrid and a native app?

According to Wikipedia, to date, approximately 375 million people worldwide use smartphones , and the number will increase in coming days. Amongst the different operating systems, Android and iOS are the two most famous. Further, amongst the 375 million users, you can expect to find either of the two with every other user.

Here’s a list of benefits that make developing hybrid apps in Leicester more feasible than developing native ones amongst 80% of smartphone users.

Benefits of hybrid app development

Money and time-saving app

With hybrid apps, app developers have the option of developing a single application. It’s easy on the developer’s part with less time required, less money spent, and no hassles of maintaining separate code bases for the apps. So, small businesses always prefer hybrid apps. All their purposes are resolved with a single app.

High-speed apps

Once you start using hybrid apps, you’ll love them. They’re speedy apps and runs smoothly in any user interface. These apps even have amazing loading speed. Moreover they are compatible with all types of user interface. For instance, you know the traffic that the Twitter app handles—you would be amused to see that it’s a hybrid app.

Easy maintenance process

Again, from the app developer’s perspective, if the client asks to add a new feature or upgrade an existing one, doing the same in a hybrid app is more effortless. Native apps, on the other hand, need new versions every time an upgrade takes place! Developers prefer not to make native apps because of this.

A comfortable user interface on all platforms

Another notable advantage of hybrid apps is the ease of comfort in different user interfaces. It can be difficult to integrate native apps with other apps. For this reason, using hybrid apps is a better option. In the case of hybrid apps, you can even operate them in offline mode, so if you’re facing internet issues, you don’t need to worry if you have a hybrid app.

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