What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is a software used to manage customer interaction. Companies (like us, at TechChaps!) use this software to help manage sales, build customer relationships and streamline workflow.



Why is it used?

Customer interaction is crucial to become a successful business, so whether you’re dealing with customer queries, sending emails or reviewing an order, CRM software will give you everything to maximise your communication and help you understand everything you need to know about your customer interaction.

Another great feature is that it gives you the tools to manage all your sales in one place. You’ll be able to see graphs and statistics, giving you and your team the information on what to improve on and where. Whether you’re a tech pro, or a newbie to computers, it all comes in one simple and easy to use dashboard.



Benefits of using a CRM software


Improved Productivity

CRM software will allow you to maximise your workflow as well as keep on top of things. In an organised and easy to use dashboard, you’ll be able to work efficiently with ease.

Better Communication

Communication is key, and using CRM software will give you the tools to give the best customer service, allowing you to send automated emails, create email templates, or keep on top of customer queries so that you won’t leave the customer waiting.

Enhanced Sales Management

Managing and reviewing your sales is an crucial part of running a company, and CRM software will give you all the information to help you analyse and understand your sales metrics so that you can see what you’re doing wrong.

Sales Forecasting

Giving you all past and present sales data, you’ll be able to pinpoint what you could have improved on the last sale, so that you can forecast future sales.

Customer Retention

You’ll have an overview of all your customer interactions, as well as keeping you up to date by sending you reminders if you’re late with a customer query, or if you have an upcoming appointment.



Which CRM Software should you use?

There are plenty of different software that you can pick and choose from, and it can be quite overwhelming looking at all of them, so here’s some of the most used:


HubSport image


One of the most popular software around, HubSpot is widely used because of it’s simple and easy to use platform. Made to simplify marketing and maximise performance, HubSpot offers free tools that other platforms don’t. With multiple pricing options, this makes HubSpot great for companies big or small! Features:

  • All-in-one, easy to use dashboard
  • Cloud Based
  • Mail, Phone and Website integration
  • SEO Tools


Pipedrive image


Another popular software, Pipedrive, rivals the other platforms as one of the most used. A simple UI, with lots of customisation means you can have all of your tools in one organised and easy to use dashboard. As well as this, it’s one of the cheaper options, making Pipedrive one of the best software to use! Features:

  • Cloud Based
  • Customisation
  • Analytics
  • Great sales pipeline
  • Email integration

Salesforce Image


One of the leading platforms, with many big companies using it, Salesforce is one of the CRM powerhouses. Salesforce offers a simplistic and easy to navigate UI, as well as offering plenty of customisation to your liking. With plenty of user friendly features and tools, this makes Salesforce one of the best software available! Features:

  • Chatter – Tool for users to communicate with other members of a team
  • Email integration
  • Cloud based
  • Customisation
  • Analytics


To find out more about different CRM software in depth, check out this list of reviews for every platform!



What next?

Now you know what Customer Relationship Management is, what the software does and some of the most used platforms available, go and find the best one for you and start making customer interaction easy!



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