The Top 6 WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

February 20, 2024 - Websites

WordPress is an excellent platform for building a website, especially if you run a small business. It’s user-friendly, effective and can be used to construct an incredibly powerful website with a very limited budget. WordPress plugins add even more power to your site, allowing you to quickly and easily tailor every element of your website to the specific requirements of your business.

There are so many plugins to choose from it can be tricky to know exactly which to get. While the ‘more the merrier’ maxim would seem to apply here. In reality, the more plugins you have on your site, will slow your site down and potentially even conflict with each other. By selecting the perfect plugins and ignoring all the other options you can effectively avoid this issue. Here are six of the best plugins for your WordPress website in Leicester.

The Top 6 WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

1. Yoast SEO

An SEO-focused plugin works seamlessly with your website to improve your search engine optimisation. SEO Yoast helps you to raise your visibility, improve your Google ranking, and get found. As one of the best and most comprehensive SEO plugins available, it effectively ensures all your content is fully optimised. It provides page analysis and a simple traffic light system that makes it easy to check at a glance if your content is well optimised.

Yoast will ensure all those small yet vital things like keyword assignment, meta data, alt-tags, and permalinks are in working order. At the same time, it provides powerful insights into how you might improve your content. Both in terms of SEO and readability. The individual elements Yoast covers may not have a huge impact on your site. However, the collective power of a single plugin that allows you to so quickly ensure all these elements are perfect is incredible.

2. WPForms

If you’re looking for an effective, user-friendly way to install forms on your website, WPForms is just the ticket. The plugin has only one goal: the creation of powerful forms that are extremely easy to install and use. WPForms offers an easy drag and drop form builder that makes it extremely simple to use.

There is a free Lite version available that is powerful in itself and gives you a good opportunity to test its functionality before committing to a purchase. The premium package enables you to extend the plugin’s functions to include email subscription, multi-page forms, order forms, payment forms, and more while using smart conditional logic as well as other excellent features.

3. HubSpot WordPress plugin

This great little plugin is perfect for integrating the extremely powerful sales and inbound marketing software of HubSpot directly into your website. Easily use the analytics data from your WordPress site to make key decisions, informed by clear information. Your website’s visitor interactions and traffic will sync with HubSpot, affording you complete visibility where all your

marketing efforts are concerned. This will ensure you are fully leveraging Hubspot’s powerful form tools and effectively capturing leads on your blog and website. Using all that valuable data allows you to tie your marketing actions directly to your bottom-line and ensure maximum ROI.

4. WP Smush

The simplest and easiest way to optimise, resize and compress every image you upload on to your site in a single, powerful plugin. Smush is the fastest and most effective means of ensuring your images are top notch. This plugin ensures that images aren’t impacting the speed and efficiency of your site. WP Smush scans each and every image that you upload, as well as images already on your website. It cuts out any unnecessary data, scaling each image prior to adding it to your site’s media library.

5. Easy Testimonials

With more and more customers taking to the web to give feedback, online reviews are vital to the success of any business. The Easy Testimonials WordPress plugin does what it says on the tin. It simply allows you to display snippets of what users have said about you on your site, for new customers to see.

6. W3 Total Cache

Did you know that speed is an important SEO ranking factor? W3 Total Cache helps to increase your site’s performance by serving cached files to your visitors. This makes your site faster and – hopefully – means fewer leads lost while waiting for your pages to load. Hopefully, you’ll find a number of the above plugins useful for your site.