Our Projects

• Talkie The APP

– Mobile App – iOS and Android
– Web Application
– Hybrid App Development 

Talkie is an application for students to learn modern foreign languages through talking to a speech recognition system. Teachers are able to give feedback to students through recorded voice messages and design quizzes and homework for them to complete.

 • Clubbie 

– Web Application
– Application Maintenance and Support

Clubbie is an amateur sports social network and team management solution. Users are able to share videos of their sporting moments and their tips and tricks. The Team Hub is a simple and innovative team management solution that allows teams to schedule events, create line-ups, collect payments and upload statistics.


• Sytner Club Audi

– Web Application
– Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
– Application Maintenance and Support

Its is a Customer Portal for Sytner Club members with four main brands (Audi, SEAT, SKODA and Volkswagen). 

TechChaps developed the platform to increase customer engagement by using features such as vouchers, offers, rewards and push notifications all powered by an easy to use admin area.


– Web Application
– Application Maintenance and Support

CBN-Expert helps companies to take control of their Carbon Footprint using an easy to use Carbon Measurement & Management application.

TechChaps developed the web app with intuitive dashboard to calculate carbon data, show metrics, and track performance.

Insitu App

– Web Application

Insitu App provides tools for manufacturers to showcase products using in immersive 3d Augmented Reality 

TechChaps was commissioned to further develop its digital solutions and scale-up the project with new features.

Young Coders Club (STEM club)

– Website Design & Development
– STEM events & workshops

TechChaps runs Young Coders Club a STEM project to inspire & educate young coders. 


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“Having started my business in 2012, I have been consistently helped by TechChaps for development and maintenance. Service has been reliable, constructive, practical to my needs, and within good budgets. All very helpful for a new business. TechChaps are a very good and supportive addition to the business team.”

Andrew Shenton


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In 2017 INsitu was expanding and approached TechChaps for assistance in developing new and existing software inline w/ our long term business goals & objectives. Ahmed carefully defined the corresponding business rules which the team encoded into business logic. Now, INsitu has a clear set of business concepts and corresponding functionality in the code. INsitu can collaborate more effectively w/ developers, and making changes to technology inline w/ customer requirements is much easier to manage. Furthermore, Ahmed and the Team have structured the code base to be more extendable and flexible, to adapt to INsitu’s requirements as we grow. They’ve modularised the architecture, into manageable, interconnected, microservices, that can be developed independently, as part of a continuous integration system. Therein, what TechChaps have built for INsitu is scalable.

TechChap’s knowledge and experience of different technology, systems & tools is vast; And therefore, they
were able to advise & implement the most effective technology stack for the INsitu software solution in the
context of the wider business. Furthermore, Ahmed & the Team, have the know-how and technical design
expertise to integrate systems together into scalable architecture & deliverables that have significantly
improved INsitu’s bottom line.

Edward Woolley

Development director of INsitu™

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