3D Augmented Reality for Products 

INsituTM App provides tools for manufacturers to showcase products using immersive 3d Augmented Reality. TechChaps was commissioned to further develop its digital solutions and scale-up the project with new features.

We provided an innovative solution to render 3D models in browsers which can also be integrated into other websites. A CMS was also developed to manage models, assets, textures, and AR settings.

Client testimonial

“INsitu was expanding and approached TechChaps for assistance in developing new and existing software inline with our long term business goals & objectives. Ahmed carefully defined the corresponding business rules which the team encoded into business logic. Now, INsitu has a clear set of business concepts and corresponding functionality in the code. INsitu can collaborate more effectively with developers, and making changes to technology inline with customer requirements is much easier to manage. Furthermore, Ahmed and the Team have structured the code base to be more extendable and flexible, to adapt to INsitu’s requirements as we grow. They’ve modularised the architecture, into manageable, interconnected, microservices, that can be developed independently, as part of a continuous integration system. Therein, what TechChaps have built for INsitu is scalable.

TechChap’s knowledge and experience of different technology, systems & tools is vast; And therefore, they were able to advise & implement the most effective technology stack for the INsitu software solution in the context of the wider business. Furthermore, Ahmed & the Team, have the know-how and technical design expertise to integrate systems together into scalable architecture & deliverables that have significantly improved INsitu’s bottom line.”

Edward Woolley

Development director of INsitu™
astriol background

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