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Process Workflow for Website Designing

How do we do it?


It all starts with a plan. After the first contact meeting with the stakeholders, we start putting together a plan that lays out the functional and user requirements of the application.

This stage involves a lot of questions from us to help us to fully understand the expectations that you have for the proposed application. From this research, we will deliver a specification document. This is the most important stage of the process as the rest of development process will be directed by this.


After carrying out the research we start the design process of the application, its database models and user interface/ screens. At this stage, all stakeholders would be actively involved. This involves a signing off process to help us proceed with the application development. Keeping all stakeholders involved ensures that the application meets requirements from the word go. This makes the process smoother for all stakeholders!


We rapidly produce a prototype to give you a rough idea of what the features and functionalities of the final product would look like.  This stage is essential to fix any issues or make any changes.


This stage is where the real thing is brewed, baked or made (actually coded). We would test, debug and fine-tune the software before staging it for final testing by all stakeholders.


Next, we would involve third-party usability testers to test it thoroughly. After all the boxes ticked we would move on to launch the launch.

After-sales support:

We love what we build and are even more happy to support it once it is out there in action. Our after-sales can include training and any other support that your project needs.



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