Are you looking for scalable application deployment that requires few infrastructure resources? We are an experienced Docker deployment agency that can provide just that.

We can use Docker for the building, shipping and running of applications on single or multi-tenant hosts to serve small to large scale traffic.

How does Docker work?

Docker is an open platform that can be used to deploy and maintain a range of application deployment. It functions by packaging and running apps in containers that work as isolated environments. The ability to separate applications from the infrastructure streamlines the application development lifecycle. This enables fast and consistent releases of applications that can be tested and altered as necessary.

What can a Docker deployment agency do for you?

As a Docker deployment agency, we understand the value of portable deployment.  As Docker places the application and its dependencies into a single container, this means that your application can run on other Docker-enabled machines regardless of any customized settings that differ from the machine used to develop your application.  Additionally, the portability of applications deployed using Docker means that the containers can be hosted on dedicated servers as well as VPS (virtual private servers).

Docker deployed applications are lightweight and run using very few resources. As a result, your application can be scaled up or down according to the traffic load. Docker’s functionality means it works well in high-density environments and is cost-effective. This makes it ideal for both small and large scalable projects.

Having started my business in 2012, I have been consistently helped by TechChaps for development and maintenance. Service has been reliable, constructive, practical to my needs, and within good budgets. All very helpful for a new business. TechChaps are a very good and supportive addition to the business team.
Andrew Shenton

Andrew’s Building Conservation Ltd

Docker Support

At TechChaps we are skilled in building and shipping applications using Docker. We also offer a range of support including:

  • Converting node.js apps to Docker containers
  • Analysing applications for dependencies
  • Arranging assets, state management mechanism and database needs

Please note that we only work with apps built in node.js and other php languages. To find out more about using Docker please contact us with your requirements.

Ahmed Fareed

Ahmed Fareed

Chief Developer

About Tech Chaps

At TechChaps our highly-skilled team will guide you through the application development process to create and deliver secure, reliable and scalable applications that work for your business.

Our mission is to make IT work for you. Using our extensive technical expertise and project management knowledge, TechChaps specializes in providing agile development and software development for agencies and growing businesses.



Technical Abilities


We are experienced Node.js developers.


We are experienced HAPI.js developers.


We are experienced Express.js developers.


We are experienced MongoDB developers.


We are experienced Docker developers.

React JS

We are experienced React JS developers.

React Native

We are experienced React Native developers.

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